Ray Lightning Jr steals the show again with a fast paced assault!

Ray Lightning Jr steals the show again with a fast paced assault!

Ray Lightning Jr. entered the ring like a super star for a world championship fight. His family, friend, fans and city was in the building for sure. It was a sold out crowd at the Seven Feather Casino and more 75% of the people there were screaming GO RAY GO, FIGHT, MOVE, BOX, JAB, KNOCK HIM OUT!!!!

I was 5 rounds of constant fight and pressure. Lightning Jr dropped Maldonado in the first round with a 1,2 combo that sat Maldonado on the last rope and the Ref did not rule it a knock down: however, Lampkin continued his assault with pressure, body shots and clean left hands that echoed through out the ball room. Maldonado was a tough, rugged fighter that took all the Lampkin could offer. Maldonado was hurt again in the second and cut on the third round. Lampkin seem to be a bit surprise Maldonado was still in his face. Lampkin started every round moving forward with cautious attacks to get ahead in the round and then cruise the last 30 sec of the round. The fifth round Lampkin had the same strategy with some clean shots to the body and head. Lampkin buckled Maldonado with a straight left and Lampkin sat back and waited for him to fall and Maldonado regained his balance and kept coming forward. Lampkin went into cruise control and let the round fade into the hands of the judges.

Ray Lightning Jr was ahead on all the score cards and won a Unanimous Decision for a small light weight Mid West Title.

Congratulation Ray Lampkin Lightning Jr!!!

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